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Kariton Sorbetes is an Asian/Australian artisanal gelato brand and store with 3 homes in Footscray, China Town & Glen Waverley. 

I was privileged enough to work briefly with them for a special fundraiser they held in 2020 and am lucky to have been collaborating with them ever since; a dream project for me as a second generation Filipino creative in Australia. 

Canvas Tote Bag MockUp copy.png

Breakdown of my work:


(see below for more info)

Throughout 2023, Kariton has been putting together a collaboration series that champions "some of Melbourne’s best (and hard working, of course!) Asian owned and operated businesses."

It has been a collaboration in more than one way, where I have been working with the photographer/s to put together the perfect style for each business, capturing the essence of the people behind the businesses and their creations. Through illustration I have been decorating the images as taken by Christian Moso & Angelica De Guzman for Kariton's Instagram.

It's been a fun challenge to capture the individuality and aesthetic of every chef/business.

Flick through the slider above to see the illustrations for each business/collab.

Tote bags


Following our collaboration in late 2020, Kariton was quickly heading towards their first shop opening in January of 2022. 

They commissioned me to do an illustration

of every ice-cream flavour they had built their business on (at the time it was 30 flavours).


I did 30 individual illustrations and compiled them into a 5x6 grid for some tote bags they wanted to sell in store.

Photography by Arianna Leggiero

(as featured on Broadsheet)

Handheld treats/cakes - illustrations

Aside from the ice-creams and sorbets you can get in a cup, cone or bun, Kariton also sells hand held treats and cakes

I was tasked with illustrating each of these treats and I continue to draw more as they add new products to their menu. 

These are used on their labels/signage in both stores.

Scroll through the slider to see some of them.



These are the t-shirts I designed for their 2020 Christmas fundraiser - which marked the beginning of our collaboration.


These were available for sale where 100% of proceeds went to Kusina ng Kalinga

You may still catch these shirts from time to time on some of the staff. 

Photography by: Amy Hemmings

(as featured on Broadsheet)

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50 Leeds St. Footscray 3011
177 Russell St. Chinatown 3000
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