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I wish I was a cloud

"Tilting my head towards the sky 
Cause I wanted to float 
I wish I was a cloud 
So that I could disappear

And only come out when I am ready "

Let the fury grow

This poem is currently being reworked.

[come back later] 

Selected poetry


"The gentle tide washes over moss covered stone

as we sit in silence

Not the comfortable kind like we used to share

But the kind of silence that’s as cruel as you were yesterday"

♡Love letters♡

the next two poems below are the full works.

(you will not need to click anything to read them).


child of the sun returning


To the one I love, resting within me

I made it back home

To the land of the morning


Like islands, I’ve been adrift too long

So I am rebirthed, in salty bodies of water

Growing by the power of your sun

~ for the motherland


when it's dark I can't wait to see you

In my wake between the darkness

You breath in and out

Unknowing and pure

Holding me close, my comfort


When it’s dark I can’t wait to see you                   

To hear your wit and effortless tone

And your heart, golden like the light of the morning

And the sun, that rises with you

My favourite time of day - where you belong

~ for b


A trilogy of poems born from my experience with insomnia, self-doubt & healing.


I can't be alone





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